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Sadr Industrial Group is a manufacturer and provider of weighing systems (scales and digital scales) and store equipment (label printer scales, mechanical cash registers, printers, and barcode scanners). It started its activities with SAIRAN in 2001 based on the notion of industry without factory and for ten years, based its production on the principle of quality designed by SAIRAN (production with military quality); therefore, the quality of the products of Sadr Industrial Group was established from the outset.

In 2009, following the instruction of privatization of Sadr Weighing Company, this company practically stared to independently supply weighing products (scales and digital scales). It has presented more than 50 products in different categories (store weighing, industrial weighing, automation, mechanical cashing registers, load cells, indicators, etc.) based on consumers and experts’ need since 2009 until present. It can be claimed that all products of Sadr Company have successfully gained their place in the market.

Currently, Sadr Industrial Group has been able to keep up with other well-known and experienced products in the field of digital scales (Pand and Mahak) in obtaining a share of the market by healthy competition in the market.

Sadr Industrial Group has focused all its efforts on the satisfaction of consumers by cooperating with illustrious global brands and using the their experience such as CAS, A-clas, ZEMIC, MARSON, KELI and JADRVER; as well as having hundreds of active scales and store equipment sales representatives (TARAZ IRAN.COM, TOZIN KALA, SCALE.IR, SHARPIRAN, ZTZ.com) and having Iran’s standard of ISO9000 (2008).


It should be noted that the managers of Sadr Industrial Group seek to go beyond Iran’s market through consultation and empathy by having a process approach and strategy-based planning dependent on quality, studying, and assessment of true needs of the market; combining thoughts and a novel approach; and smart realization of market opportunities.

Sadr Industrial Group thinks big and positive.

The main activity indicators (scope of products)

  1. Electronic scales with label printer
  2. Digital scales with simple printer
  3. Industrial scales
  4. Simple indicators or indicators with printers
  5. Mechanical cash registers
  6. Weighing products and related equipment
  7. Types of related store equipment



Turning the organization to the most innovative and equipped presenter of store and weighing automation systems in the Middle East with attracting maximum customers and continuously pleasing customers.